Since 1999, De Matos Ryan has completed a wide range of projects that demonstrate our expertise and enthusiasm for design.

We create simple, imaginative and well detailed modern environments incorporating all disciplines from landscape to interiors. We have developed a strong reputation in delivering good quality contemporary work within historic and often culturally sensitive contexts.

Our work has allowed us to consolidate and develop a confident and sustainable approach that draws attention through its quality and clarity. The tactile and sensory experience of each setting is fundamental to us and allows us to cross freely between architecture and interiors, creating exciting, often dramatic places.

We collaborate closely with our client and consultant team to develop a strong working relationship that engenders an open and flexible approach, ensuring the successful completion of any scheme. Each commission provides a blank canvas where we creatively enable our client’s specific ambitions, avoiding predetermined concepts.

We believe in the social and public role that architecture plays in motivating a community and we work hard to ensure that our projects are both accessible and engaging for all potential users.

Finally, we maintain that the process from start to finish should be enjoyable for everyone.

Our work has received numerous awards including RIBA, Civic Trust, European Hotel Design, FX, D&AD and Roses Design awards.


The ability to deliver results on time and on budget is perhaps the most important consideration in any project. We are conscious of the need to sustain and improve upon the high quality of service provided and to give a documented assurance to clients that demonstrate that their specified requirements will be achieved.

Our practice is well equipped to manage all scale of projects from initial planning to final design, and is particularly skilled in strategic planning and development control.

Our flexible and open approach to the design process has evolved from working with multi-headed clients and limited or uncertain funding in the past. Having worked on ACE lottery-funded projects, we understand the importance of sustainability, access, and economic viability in buildings for both private and public clients.

Good design does not need to cost money: it is about imaginative lateral thinking and expedience.

Design Quality is a combination of functionality, impact and build quality. Quality is about much more than style or appearance; it should also be concerned with the value of the project over its whole lifetime.

It is our strong belief that resources allocated wisely on Design Quality will save money in the long run. We can deliver a project that is built with sustainable principles, is economical to manage and maintain, and can adapt to changing demands over the building’s lifetime to maximise its residual value.

De Matos Ryan is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with Quality Management procedures in place to ensure that Design Quality is maintained and assessed throughout the design and construction cycle.




Angus Morrogh-Ryan – Director
MA (Cantab) Dip Arch RIBA

Angus Morrogh-Ryan

Angus was at the University of Cambridge where he received a first class degree and went on to an exchange scholarship with the GSD at Harvard and a postgraduate diploma. He qualified as an architect in 1998.

Having previously worked for Tim Ronalds Architects on a number of theatre based projects, he has particular interest on education, arts and community projects.

A creative designer with a good eye for detail, he is experienced at taking care of clients and making them feel excited and comfortable about their projects. His long standing experience of building sites has given him a good practical attitude towards trades & construction.

Angus has worked on a number of the practice’s award winning schemes and has taught in architecture at University of Cambridge.


Jose Esteves De Matos – Director
MA (Cantab) Dip Arch RIBA OASRS

Jose Esteves de Matos

José was educated at the University of Cambridge and GSD Harvard where he received a first class degree. He qualified as an architect in 1998 and has considerable experience of working with listed buildings and particular expertise in unlocking complex and difficult Planning and Listed Building permissions.

José has been project director on museum, hotel, restaurants and school projects, coordinating design, procurement and execution often within environments where occupation of the site is required to continue with minimum level of disruption.

He taught at Cambridge University for 6 years and has been a Judge for the WAN and WIN Awards including Museum & Exhibition Spaces.


A sustainable approach is our default setting and it is up to clients to opt out rather than in. Benefits in terms of reduced energy consumption and improved natural comfort can be achieved and if incorporated at the outset of a project can provide cost savings rather than additional cost.

We seek to use passive systems and a low energy approach wherever possible. We are interested in moving beyond ‘carbon neutrality’ to buildings that have a negative carbon impact and a positive community impact.

We design buildings which are implicitly sustainable and maintain cost analysis of systems options to guarantee the most effective long-term solution. We do not seek to express our environmental credentials through technological paraphernalia.

We focus instead on developing calm, considered buildings that respond to context and environment without resorting to gimmicks or add-ons. We believe that services should be subservient to spaces and not the other way around and as such we aim to integrate systems design from the outset of a project. We specify locally sourced materials where possible and use sustainable products and processes through the design development and implementation.

We have experience with ground-source, air-source, woodchip and biomass heating technologies, along with stack, displacement and heat-recovery ventilation systems. We have established, continuing relationships with M & E and sustainability consultants and contractors with whom we would seek collaboration from the outset.

Internally, our office is careful to recycle and purchase sustainable materials and hardware from responsible manufacturers wherever possible. We were one of the first London architecture practices to sign up to the Mayor’s Green Procurement Code for London at Level B1.










    • WAN 21 for 21
    • Architect of the Year Awards
    • Roses Design Awards Home Farm
    • Society of British Interior Design International Design Awards Strada
    • Architect of the Year Award
    • International Property Award Round Tower
    • World Architecture Festival Home Farm
    • WAN 21 for 21
    • Spear’s Design for Living Awards




    • The Architecture Foundation
    • Building Design The Impact 100


    • D&AD Global Awards
    • Ealing Civic Society


    • Best Bird Box in Britain Award



    • FX International Design Awards Cowley Manor
    • FX International Design Awards C-Side
    • European Hotel Design Awards Cowley Manor
    • European Hotel Design Awards Cowley Manor
    • European Hotel Design Awards
    • European Hotel Design Awards
    • European Hotel Design Awards