The design concept for this new build house in Devon is rooted within the landscape, working with the existing site terraces and interpreting a vocabulary of local traditional materials.

Maximising its spectacular coastal location and dramatic sea views, the new house and a sloping garden are concealed between two dry-stone slate garden walls, with a meandering path that provides access from the upper terrace to the lower garden level. The house is designed to provide shelter from the elements and at the same time to also be able to fully open up and allow living spaces to continue and extend into the garden, which is conceived as an outdoor living room complete with its own fireplace. A long rectangular single storey glazed volume straddles along the two garden walls and houses the swimming pool hall, kitchen and larder, opening into the dining/living room.

A single storey cedar clad block at right angles to the main long rectangular volume forms the entrance to the house through a glazed link. This visual connection between the entrance and garden will offer views of a newly planted orchard on the upper terrace. Resting over the long rectangular main body of the house, a square volume clad in matching slate tiles contains three bedrooms and bathrooms. This first floor space cantilevers beyond the main body of the house, defining the main dining/living room located below to dramatic effect, which appear visually ‘open’ to the landscape.

Located south of the main house, the scheme also includes a summerhouse. Inset between trees within the lower garden, a single storey lightweight cedar clad structure cantilevers unexpectedly beyond the sloping site. Containing two south facing rooms with floor to ceiling glazed fronts, the summerhouse offers an idyllic setting from which to enjoy striking views of the Devon coastline.