Garden House

The immediate needs of a newly married couple bringing their two families together presented a modern conundrum that was the catalyst for the creation of the new annex in the rear garden of a Victorian house in London.

The design was driven by three challenges. Firstly, the clients’ ambitious requirement for increased space.  Secondly, the need to incorporate compulsory flood-proofing measures. Thirdly, the need to comply with planning restrictions that prevent the overlooking of neighbouring properties.

The garden was excavated to create a high-sided watertight concrete courtyard, increasing the floor plate of the property without affecting the single-storey appearance at garden level. Living areas at courtyard level benefit from full height glazing; bedrooms are arranged at first floor level in clean white volumes that gently ‘float’ above the glazing. Internal lightwells and rooflights ensure bedrooms are flooded with natural daylight.